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Cusquenians Carnivals: Fun in Cusco

28 Feb

Cusquenians Carnivals: Fun in Cusco

The main festival of Carnival Cusquenian is the “Yunza o Corta Montes” that takes place in the 13 provinces of Cusco, a game in wich the inhabitants dance around a tree full of gifts, gladly decorated with balloons and streamers.

In Main Square of Cusco, there is a show of dances and parades. In addition, a Cusquenian gastronomic festival is held, where the best drinks and stews are offered.

Central date of the Carnival Cusquenian

It takes place on the last Sunday in February or the first Sunday in March, the date is moveable, and it involves people of all ages.
It starts very early with games that use water and the Mistura as the main elements that are thrown men and women.

It is traditional in Cusco to see groups of cusqueños mixed with national and foreign visitors who delight with all this festivity.

Cusquenians Carnivals Celebration

The main festival takes place in Cusco’s Plaza de Armas; however, it is also celebrated in the communities of Cuzco like Canchis, Oropesa, San Jerónimo. Pisac and Urubamba.

Yunza of singles and married

In this celebration, the married and the singles dance around a tree, cutting until it falls. This custom is done in the Sacred Valley of the Incas since time immemorial. It is characterized by exposing the typical music of the region and being the scene of important performances in Quechua. Both locals and tourists participate dancing huaynos and other traditional dances of Cusco.

Cusquenian carnivals have a special meaning for the people because it allows them to worship the land, fertility and love. Their typical dances have choreographies full of joy and in their costumes you can see the influence of the Spaniers.

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